Blog #…?

Okay, okay. How many blogs have you made in your lifetime, Samantha? And how many have you been able to stick with?!

To count, I think this blog is probably the 7th one I’ve ever set up. There was the Friendpages I set up in Gr.6, the website I made on Tripod  (miraculously, it is still up and running!), the Geocities website I made from scratch in Gr. 7, the Livejournal I had in high school, the Blogspot I had in university, the semi-private one I still occasionally write in and now, this one.

Seven blogs! How did I get to this point?!

The truth is, I’ve always loved to journal whether it’s through a diary or online. And now, I need an outlet to document some of my opinions and ideas…and hopefully get some input from friends and strangers around the world wide web.

I can’t promise I’ll write here everyday (heck, who is even reading this?!) but, I’m going to at least try to make an appearance a few times a week.

Here, I hope to write about what I’m mostly passionate about: pop culture, movies, television and media + how all those things can work on becoming more diverse.

There will also be little tidbits about travel and anecdotes from my daily life in the mix. And I hope to also incorporate my passion for video editing into this blog as well.

Here’s to hoping and new beginnings!

— Sam


Published by

Samantha Lui

I'm a journalist from Toronto, Ontario.

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