Shop my closet: Floral pajama dress

I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista. But I definitely love to shop.

I often have to fight the urge to spend money whenever I’m at the mall or the thrift store. Because yes, I already have too many clothes.

If you’re trying to save money, a good way to practice self-restraint is actually by looking through your closet and seeing if you have anything similar to something you want to buy. Chances are, you DO but you just forgot.

I call this shopping in my own closet.

Personally, I’m not exactly good at this, but I’m going to try and work on this trick myself. That’s why I am going to try a new series on this journal (which no one reads, I’m sure) to see if I can style different outfits surrounding one piece of clothing.

The first piece I will style is this floral pajama dress I purchased at Simon’s while on vacation in Montreal. It was only 10 dollars, and I was immediately drawn to it because of the floral print.

My mother thinks this dress looks like sleepwear. But geez…isn’t that the point? Pajamas and comfort are in style now!

This is what it looks like on by itself:

It’s super comfortable, but I’m honestly a bit afraid to wear it to work just like that. It’s a tad loose and I’m afraid it will ride up when it’s windy outside.

That is why I have styled it with a pair of culottes that I bought from Uniqlo. Honestly, I am so obsessed with these pants because they are so comfortable!

I am also in love with the idea of this dress being used as a shirt. That is why I decided to tuck them into a looser pair of high waisted Levi’s mom jeans I recently thrifted.

Lastly, I wanted to style the dress for summer, but still wanted to look a bit more put together. So to do that, I simply threw on this dolman-sleeved cardigan I bought on-sale during Boxing Day at Oak + Fort.

To be honest with you, I haven’t worn this dress out very often. But now that I have done this style exercise, I am more willing to wear it out a bit more now!


Looking for the perfect pair of pants

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of finding the perfect pair of high waisted mom jeans.

Because I don’t want to spend 80 bucks at Topshop for them, I hit up the thrift store.

Unfortunately, not all thrift trips will result in a good loot. But I believe secondhand shopping takes a lot of patience and experience to truly get good at!

That said, I did end up finding a great pair of vintage Levi’s in the men’s section. They’re high waisted, dark wash denim and look great rolled up. My heart did drop a little when I saw they were $9.99. But considering that Value Village prices Levi’s for $15 and up, I’m going to say this was a good enough bargain.

I decided to document my thrift trip vlog style. I get self conscious speaking out loud in public, so I’m sorry if the audio is quiet.

On another note, I decided to do a fully thrifted look and take a selfie. I was really feeling myself 😉 haha!

Thrifted finds of the day: Basics galore.

I think I’m starting to have a problem. I’m buying a lot of clothes!!!

Ever since I started checking out thrift stores on a regular basis, I rarely go to the mall anymore. And when I do, I only head to Uniqlo because I’m guranteed to wear all the clothes I get there all the time.

That said, I managed to find some gems this weekend. And coincidentally, almost all of the items are from Aritzia.

When I’m thrifting, I always search for more expensive brands like Aritzia, Club Monaco and J.Crew because I wouldn’t normally be able to afford any of that stuff at retail price.

I know a big rule about thrifting is to not look at labels. But when you see a nice piece from a brand you like, it’s really hard not to pick it up! And to be fair, I also try on clothes that look like similar things I’ve seen at other places. The thrift store is a great place to get inspired in a cheap and environmentally friendly way.

In addition to that, you have no idea how many things of good quality get donated. When I was shopping at the Salvation Army today, there were so many clothing items with tags from this brand called Haight and Ashbury. There were skirts, tons of dresses, blouses and blazers. I looked up the company and it sells at The Bay. If you’re a fan, make sure you head over to the Kennedy Road location.

I also saw tons of stock from Zara. A lot of it was labelled defective for various reasons. But if you’re handy with a sewing machine, or know how to get rid of stains and smells, I would advise you to check out that location as well.

As for me, I picked up some nice steals! The first was this flowy Wilfred Free gray t-shirt. It was only $1.99! I think I audibly gasped in the store when I saw it.

The next piece was a wrap top from the Aritzia brand Community. It looks like just a simple black T-shirt, but it has a nice drapey wrap at the front that will make it easy for me to dress up for work or dress down on casual occasions. This piece was $5.99. (Note: I am no fashion expert. Just love a good deal)

The next shirt isn’t from Aritzia, but Adidas. I’ve been seeing a lot of people wearing the Adidas logo on T-shirts lately, and thought I would give it a try. The logo most people are wearing is the Trefoil version. However, I really liked the colours on the shirt and think it would look nice with a good pair of jeans. This was also only $1.99 and I found it in the men’s section.

Now yesterday after work, I did my usual ritual and checked out some thrift stores in the Landsdowne area. I didn’t have any luck at the Salvation Army there. But at Value Village, I came across this Wilfred Free top. It looks very similar to the gray piece I have above. This one is black and the silhouette is slightly different. And for some reason, it was labelled as an extra small, but it looked like at least a medium. That’s why you have to try everything on!

This piece ended up being $6.99. I find that Value Village is much pricier than what I am used to. But unfortunately, a lot good labels and clothing end up there…sigh.

Restaurant of the Day: Spice and Aroma

It was a cold, snowy Friday night. And all we were craving was something warm.

The perfect solution to our problem was to have hot pot (or malatang) in Chinatown, and Spice and Aroma certainly delivered.

At a glance, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to this place. The restaurant is small, and the tables are cramped together. If it were a busy day, you’d probably have to wait quite a bit to get a seat. Luckily for me, I arrived just in time to grab two seats.

The way this place works is like any frozen yogurt place. You pick up a bowl and grab whatever you want. Diners can choose from fish balls, crab meat, tofu, lettuce, mushrooms, veggies, rice noodles, vermicelli and egg noodles. You can also adjust your spice level and add in beef, chicken or pork to your bowl at the counter. Once you’re all finished, the cashier will weigh it and charge you accordingly.

I was extra hungry that day so my meal ended up costing about $13.00. This is what I ended up with.

Because I have trust issues when it comes to spice, I also asked to have it on the side. I’m so glad I did that because I could enjoy my meal without having tears falling down my eyes!!!

I also really enjoyed the broth. It had such a delightful, savoury garlic flavour. I know most of it is just MSG that makes it so delicious. But oh my goodness, I couldn’t stop slurping it up!

All in all, I would come here again. I’m a fan of the pay as much as you eat model…but I wish this place wasn’t so small and cramped!

My trip to Boston | August 2017

Last August, I took a mini vacation to visit my sister in Boston. At the time, she was there doing a post-doc, which gave me the perfect opportunity to stay in the city without having to pay the crazy hotel fees. (And let me tell you, everything there was expensive!)

I compiled some of what I saw in the video above, but I also want to include some of the pictures I gathered as well. I’m trying to make more of an effort to take videos during my trips, but it can be a little awkward to talk to a camera when there are so many people around.

Making videos has always been one of my passions, and I want to keep up with the hobby to get me out of the creative rut I am currently in.

Anyways, here are some photos from my trip. Captions will follow underneath them.

My first stop was the Boston Public Library. What a gorgeous place! I have never seen a study hall like this before, and it reminded me of something that I would see in a scene from Harry Potter. Can’t all libraries be this beautiful?! 

The fountain outside of the Boston Public Library. Ugh, why can’t Toronto have such things?!

Don’t really know the reason for this photo. I saw a firetruck, other people were taking photos with it…why not?

Oh my goodness. The North End is known for its Italian food. And boy, did it deliver. My cousin, sister and I went to this cute restaurant called Al Dente. After that, we capped it off with some cannolis from the famous Mike’s Pastry. Highly recommend both places!

The next day, I went to Quincy Market, after making a shopping pit stop around Downtown Crossing. At my sister’s recommendation, I went to get Clam Chowder at The Oyster Bar. I think I underestimated how filling this would be, because I ended up eating the entire bread bowl right after I finished the chowder.

Maybe I just wanted the bread bowl for pictures, but in hindsight, I should have just ordered a regular clam chowder and tried other things.

That said, I still went ahead and purchased two crab cakes an hour later…I was very full afterwards. But it was worth it.

No trip to New England is ever complete without getting a view of the water! After eating lunch at Quincy Market, I took a stroll over to the harbour for a glance. Granted, it was very hot and humid.

The next day, I decided to do something educational and visit two museums in the downtown area. This photo was taken at the Old State House, the site of the Boston Massacre.

Visiting this city, I got to appreciate just how much history there is and the efforts to preserve it whether its through documents or the gorgeous buildings. Maybe I’m just a cynic, but I wish Toronto made more of an effort to keep its more historic buildings. Now it’s just condo after condo.

The last stop of the day was a trip to a thrift store called The Garment District. I was particularly intrigued by the first floor, where people would dig through piles of clothing. For a pound of clothing, customers would only have to pay $2 dollars. That is very cheap…but as I was getting hungry, I did not have much patience to sift through everything.

Up in the mountains

Last April, I did something rare for myself and actually took a vacation during the Easter break. I decided to visit someone in Calgary. And while there, we spent a day driving to Banff.

Since I have never published the photos I took, I am posting them here.

Having been to Alberta a number of times in my childhood, this trip was one that I felt I could truly appreciate. As a kid, all you want to do is play or swim in the hotel pool. You think sightseeing and taking pictures is JUST SO BORING!

But now that I am an adult, I feel like I can fully immerse myself in the atmosphere and actually soak in the beauty of this country that I live in. As a resident of Toronto, there are barely any mountains around. Getting to see them up close out west was truly a wonderful experience. Below are some of the pictures I took, with descriptions.

Downtown Banff. We laughed because all the street names were all so basic like “Antelope lane” , “Bear Street” and “Beaver Street.”

I went and Googled some of the more scenic spots to take pictures. The Internet told us to go to what is known as the Surprise Corner. What we ended up seeing with our own eyes was this gorgeous view of the Fairmount Banff Springs.

We went up the gondola at Banff and took an hour admiring the breathtaking views. I took many pictures if the mountains, but I’ll only subject you to this one before I bore you with all of them.

We then took an hour drive to Lake Louise. I’ve been before as a child. But being the bratty kid that I was, I thought this place was so boring! I regret my behaviour now because seeing this amazing place again was really worth it.

We actually got lost on our way to Lake Louise because we missed an exit. We had to drive an extra 30 minutes to go back to the right place.

In 2017, I got to see Canada like never before. I’ve been to many provinces before. But when you’re travelling on your own, you just learn to appreciate everything a lot more.

Restaurant of the day: Versus Coffee

Not only am I always on the hunt for cheap and delicious eats, I am always looking for good coffee around the city.

The latest place I tried out was Versus Coffee, a cute little cafe just a few blocks away from the Eaton Centre.

Versus Coffee is probably most known for its Instagram-friendly latte art, where beverages are delightfully coloured with cute designs like swans, roses, or leaves.

The decor inside is also very aesthetically pleasing, with wooden tables, a white backdrop and natural sunlight coming through the large glass windows. It’s no wonder why my friend Jennifer asked me to come here with her to take some photos!

Here is the result of what we ended up with:


A caramel latte.


Smoked salmon toast, and our lattes. I ended up getting the vanilla one. (Kinda looks like a matcha latte, doesn’t it?!)

Such simple yet pretty decor!

A very natural photo of me laughing at my coffee haha.